In 1993, Yunca Engineering was established, and began supplying products and services to New Zealand Aluminium Smelters in 1994 when they were approached by Tiwai Aluminium Smelter situated at Tiwai Point in Southland, New Zealand.

The long standing association with Tiwai smelter has enabled Yunca Engineering to fine tune its practices to a high standard of quality and delivery, resulting in contracts with Boyne and Bell Bay Aluminum Smelters in Australia and Dubai in U.A.E.

Development of resources and expertise has allowed expansion into general, manufacturing, production and maintenance engineering for both NZAS and other regular clients. 

Flexibility in engineering for both ourselves and to meet customer needs requires us to have the most advanced equipment on the market today.


Strongly developed in-house systems to ensure top end quality systems are constantly being used alongside a comprehensive Health and Safety System.

Yunca are members of the NZ EnviroSmart programme, an initiative by Landcare Research to promote Health, Safety and Environmental issues. 



Wiederman Cantrum 2000 CNC Turret Punch Press

20 tonne, 1220mm x 1000mm table, but capable of 3000mm x 1220mm sheets, 22 station turret (2 indexable), punches steel to 5mm with +/- 0.01 accuracy.

Farley Wizard II Plasma Cutting Machine

The Farley Wizard II is the second generation of the Farley Wizard Plasma Cutting systems which have earned a reputation as the most productive single carriage CNC system on the market today. Developed specifically for high performance cutting in the air conditioning ductwork, sheetmetal and heavy plate fabrication industries, the Farley provides optimum productivity with a range of application software packages.

Robotic Welding Arm

It is a 6 axis welding robot arm which has the capacity to do full fillet welds. Capable of welding aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. An efficient way of welding when doing production runs.

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  • Anode Clamps - manufacturing and component supply
  • Laboratory test pots
  • Bus Bar - orders to date have varied in size from 50m to 14,000m of Bus Bar of various dimensions
  • Cell Hoods - Manufacture and repair
  • Webb Dog Magic Trolley - Trolley Maintenance
  • Earth Bracket Manufacture
  • Anode - Repairs and maintenance
  • Research and development projects

(past and present)

  • BELL BAY, Tasmania, Australia
  • BOYNE, Brisbane, Australia.
  • DUBAL, Dubai, UAE
  • HYDRO, Ardal, Norway
  • HYDRO, Nuess, Germany
  • NZAS, Tiwai Point, New Zealand.
  • SOUTH 32, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • TRIMET, Essen, Germany
  • TRIMET, Hamburg, Germany

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